Hi i am Fossheim! I write and play electronic up-tempo music for clubs and festivals. My songs are made with synheziser, samples an vocals. Being a devoted music student both in school and my free time has allowed me to gather a lot of knowledge and understanding in music production. Today I see myself in the for front of audio engineering in the House genre, as I am one of the pioneers of making dynamic House tracks post the year 2000. When most of the popular artist today are going for compressed loud music in order to compete in the "loudness war", based on fear that they will be ignored if they don't sound as loud as everyone else, I go for the more softer, dynamic and good sounding choice. The problem with compressed music is that it sounds bad compared to music that doesn't emphasis loudness. I am also very anti towards record label since they most of the time care to much about sell figures. One example of this is again the release of over compressed music in the belief that they are going to sell better. Being an independent artist allows me to be free from bad judgment and gives me the option to go for any direction I want and make high quality music.

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I write lyrics melodies


I can record, edit, mix and master,  audio and music material.

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I perform on  clubs and festivals around world


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